A Ukrainian perfume company claims to have invented a jelly bean capable of producing perfumed farts.


The candies are being produced in a number of varieties, from generic “fresh office” to specific smells which mimic famous perfumes.


After being eaten, they produce what the company call “exit aromas” — which are said to be as effective as air fresheners.


A spokesman for the company, Dmitry Chistilin, told Metro about the product line. “We are creating a fart with a smell of Calvin Klein,” he said.

“I ate (one) with an exit aroma ‘fresh office.’ It’s the same principle as air freshener. There are no digestive disorders after it and the candy works for about two hours.”

The company is now attempting to patent the technology, he added.

One pack of the candy will cost around US$3.25. The different aromas offered so far include Sensation, Clara, and Calvin Klein. There are plans to produce more than 35 smells in all. It’s not known when the candy will be available in Canada.