Messages on the front of the bus telling riders it’s full. Better signs in stations and collector booths. New training practices.

Those ideas and more are expected to be included in the long-awaited recommendations of the TTC’s customer service advisory panel.

Slated for release today, the report will contain about 75 recommendations addressing issues ranging from the system’s cleanliness to the way transit workers greet riders.

The findings, produced at minimal cost by a 10-member, all-volunteer panel, amount to a sweeping overhaul in the way the TTC views and treats passengers — what commission vice-chair Joe Mihevc calls “a cultural change.”

“Torontonians will hear they’ve been heard,” said Mihevc (Ward 21, St. Paul’s).

The TTC intends to change its approach to customer service the same way it revolutionized its safety and state-of-good-repair procedures following the 1995 Russell Hill collision of two subway trains that killed three people, he said.

Some of the panel findings, including electronic payment options, are already underway.