Yo, Keanu! This way, Robin! Oprah, dear, please! Over the shoulder, love!

They hunt in packs, howling at their prey in a relationship that has allowed both to survive and to thrive. Together they fill pockets and many glossy mags, newspapers and websites with what many people want.

But, as seen during this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, sometimes the prey bite back. Colin Farrell manhandled a red carpet photographer for shouting at his little-known sister to get out of the way.

Let it be known, however, that very few of the red carpet shooters are of the paparazzi variety, as some might believe — and there is little glamour involved in red carpet still photography.

The photographers stake out a limited number of official shooting positions three hours in advance. They are penned up in tight quarters for hours on end, often without water or food. No wonder they occasionally get cranky.