It’s only been a few weeks since Beyoncé and Jay-Z surreptitiously swapped vows, but the British tabloids are already trying to stir up trouble, MSN Entertainment reports.

The London Daily Mirror alleges the newlyweds squabbled during Jay-Z’s recent show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles because he told the DJ to stop playing Beyoncé’s hit ditty, Crazy in Love. “When Jay-Z got the song pulled, her mood soured,” a source asserts to the paper. “He meant it as a joke, but Beyoncé didn’t take it that way.”

After a supposedly heated exchange, Jay-Z, “like any good husband would,” is said to have “groveled and tried to get out of it with compliments.” (What, did they get the Big Book of Marital Clichés as a wedding gift?)

But a rep for the chanteuse tells she wasn’t even in Los Angeles at the time of the concert, while sources at the show add that Jay-Z never referred to his prettier half onstage.

Either way, the couple was together on Saturday night, hosting a party at Jay-Z’s 40-40 club in Las Vegas.

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