When Michael Jackson died in June 2009, Norwegian Omer
Bhatti, 27, was said to be an unknown son of the late pop star, a
claim repeated by Michael's father, Joe Jackson.


Metro Sweden met Bhatti, who is soon launching his own world tour, and asked him about his relationship with Jackson.


Are you Michael Jackson’s son?
This will only lead to speculation in
the media so I don’t want to answer that. I understand that people are
curious, but such a large part of my life is public that I want to keep
some parts of it private.


How come you were in the front row at his
I don’t want to get into that. That was a surreal moment.


Now you are releasing your first international single, All Around The World, under the name O-Bee, with Genevieve Jackson, the
21-year-old youngest daughter of Michael Jackson’s brother Randy.

did this song when I was working on my new EP, which is coming out
soon in Norway. I felt that the song needed a female vocalist and
Genevieve was the first one I came to think of. So I called her up and
she said yes.

When are you releasing your album?
Sometime this
summer. The album is personal and is about my life. My life is insane
but I hope that people will listen to what I have to say. Now I have
recorded a song with Shontelle. My life is like a film, I’ve seen a lot.

Is it a good thing to always be linked to Michael Jackson?

mostly positive, people will always have expectations but I don’t try
to live up to them.

What do you say to all the controversy surrounding him – bankruptcy,
child molestation charges and that he changed his looks so much?

pissed me off. Most of it are lies. But Michael used to say ”The bigger
the star, the bigger the target,” so he was used to it. But another
thing that makes me angry is that when he died, people who earlier
spread rumours about him now would praise him.

In your eulogy to Michael Jackson, you wrote that you promise to make
him proud. How does it feel that he doesn’t get to see your

I didn’t mean that as an artist, music wasn’t on my
mind then. I lost my lust to dance and sing but I gained it back around
last summer, but then it wasn’t about music. I meant the way he raised
me, I wanted to make him proud. I don’t know if he would be proud of me
today but I hope so. Michael always said to me ”Go for your dreams.”