Structural engineers will be on standby while the high-pitched screams of Calgary tweens fill the Saddledome for Justin Bieber tonight.

Sisters Hutton and Hayven Lloyd, along with cousin Jaycie Church, have been looking forward to Bieber’s arrival for months.

“(When my mom) told me that we got tickets, I was freaking out,” said Hutton, 13. “His voice is like an angel and his hair is just amazing.”

Jaycie’s reaction was similar when she found out she would be seeing Bieber live.

“Oh my God, I started crying when I found out,” said Jaycie, 11.

Hayven, 10, said it’s hard to pick just one thing about Bieber that she likes the most, from his voice to his dancing to his always coiffed hair.

“I just love everything about him,” she said.

The girls landed the Love Me VIP package, which comes with all kinds of Bieber swag.

“I have five T-shirts of him,” said Jaycie. “I love him to death.”

Bieber, currently on his My World tour, is coming fresh off his show in Edmonton where he performed last night.

He takes the stage in Calgary at 7 p.m.