Documentary filmmaker and professional George Bush basher Michael Moore has returned.

The influential director brought his first film to TIFF 20 years ago and has now come back with his latest effort Capitalism: A Love Story, a comedic examination of how the banks and the Bush administration ruined the U.S. economy, easing us all into this wonderful recession. The controversial filmmaker has been rallying against big business since the start of his career, making this movie a career summation in an odd way. “I think all those films have lead to this place,” Moore told Metro.

“I’ve always thought my films were about capitalism without having to name it,” revealed Moore. “But it’s become somewhat safe to talk about it now. Thanks to Joe The Plummer, Obama had a socialist moment, which then lead to Bush and everybody defending capitalism. I was thinking ‘wow,’ capitalism and socialism are two words we as Americans don’t use very much in our discourse. Then I thought ‘well all bets are off now, so I guess I can talk about it too.’”

No one is more qualified to examine the poor decisions and shady back door dealings that led America to last year’s economic meltdown and as a result Moore has created one of his best films to date.

Of course because the movie is very much a product of the director’s personal opinions, it will inevitably be denounced by the same people who have been criticizing his work for years.

“I’m used to it,” chuckled Moore. “if we’d had this discussion in 2004 with Fahrenheit 9/11 when I was in the minority in terms of being against the war and against Bush and I had said to you ‘don’t worry guys, Americans are good people. We’ll get it sooner or later. Four years from now we’ll elect a black guy for president.’ I would have looked like a crazy person.”

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