For buyers looking to get the most house for the least amount of money, homes in Courtice Village aim to maximize space while maintaining definition.

The Senator Homes development at Prestonvale Road and Bloor Street in Courtice, Ont., contains homes on lots as small as 30-feet-wide, but Senator Homes marketing and sales manager Gary McIlravey said models like the Colborne, on a 34-foot-wide lot, offers the same luxuries as those on larger ones.

“This is the smallest lot you can put a house that's got a double-car garage on, while also having some semblance of a decent front entry,” he said. “When you walk into it, it comes across as a larger home on a larger lot than it might actually be.”

The dramatic appearance is achieved inside by rooms that come across as separate but transitional. For example, McIlravey said the Colborne model’s “great room” is open to the dining room with three cut-out sections in the wall dividing the spaces, while it also backs onto the kitchen/breakfast area, partitioned only by an island.

“We try to maximize the space, create a real sense of openness and maximize the use of natural light while also creating a clear definition between the living spaces in the house so you’re not feeling like you’ve got a difficult room to furnish because it’s ill defined.”

McIlravey defines the interior as a collection of various modern vistas that catch the eye as you walk through the home.

“The colour palette is lighter to appeal to a younger buyer with a brighter, airier theme throughout the house,” he said. “The furniture tends to be a little more contemporary and less traditional.”

Detached homes in Courtice Village range from 1,491 to 2,950 square feet on 30 to 44 foot-wide lots. Prices start at $244,900 and reach $385,990.

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