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A new Brooklyn gym is billing itself as “changing the game of fitness,” even before it officially opens its Williamsburg doors in the fall.

And to showcase its game-changing approach, Ghost is offering weekend warriors an early chance to experience one of their cutting-edge training programs. Every Saturday and Sunday till its grand opening, Ghost will be offering 10 a.m. “microgroup” workouts to the public at their temporary pop-up gym, located on Berry and North 5th streets. Gym rats, though, will have to wait till fall to see what goes into creating this exclusive, invitation-only Brooklyn gym.

According to founder Aqib Rashid, these free sessions allow Ghost to introduce itself to the fitness community.

“We created this pop-up as our first entrance into the public eye,” says Rashid. “Prior to this we’d been building the company entirely in stealth. … It was further important for us to really solidify roots in our birthplace of Williamsburg.”


Rashid says Ghost is equal parts fitness lounge and part technological data-driven platform. In layman’s terms, at the new Brooklyn gym facility, you’ll be pushing Prowler sleds, jabbing and uppercutting through boxing drills, even tossing around heavyweights with some of the most technologically advanced equipment on the fitness market. Ghost will even offer personalized data collection and analysis which will provide optimal and intelligent workout programming unique to each individuals fitness needs. 

Brooklyn gym offering free workouts at pop-up shop

Ghost: A Brooklyn Gym Eyeing Innovation

“We’ve looked to build Ghost with an eye toward innovation. It’s our mission to fundamentally change the consumer experience in retail fitness,” Rashid said.

You’ll also be raising a toast prior to dropping for some burpees: A courtesy nutritional pre-workout “shot” is offered before each workout. 

“This particular concept (developed as a pre-workout experience) was inspired by an action everyone loves but nobody associates with fitness — taking shots," Rashid says. "We’ve repurposed this playful activity as a means of getting clients fired up before a group session, and as an opportunity to add nutritional elements to enhance performance. We’re currently developing a full menu of shots for our flagship location, each with a different nutrient profile."  

To get in on one of Ghost’s free sessions, email your name and preferred day to work out at

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