Neuro Coffee tastes and smells like normal coffee and will give you the same morning jolt early risers crave. That’s where the comparisons with Starbucks and other brews come to a bean-grinding halt. According to its founder, Neuro Coffee is an essential memory-boosting source, making it more supplement than stimulant.

“While it's is a coffee, we think of it more like a supplement that is delivered via coffee,” says its founder Mike Roussell, a top nutrition expert and Penn State adjunct professor. “We can't compete with Starbucks …  we don't want to, either. We’re providing our customers a delicious supplement that also supports brain health along with information and education so they can always be taking steps to have a mental edge.”

According to Roussell, what separates his small-batch artisan brew from other “trends” as he puts it (think protein or ketogenic coffees) is its ability to boost BDNF levels. This plays a role in warding off illnesses like heart disease and depression. Roussell and his team came up with a patented antioxidant extract from the coffee fruit to create his blend.

“True improvements in health come from consistent actions," Roussell says. Drinking Neuro Coffee is something that you will enjoy and want to do day after day, this will allow you to reap the brain health benefits.”


What is BDNF, and how does Neuro Coffee boost BDNF levels?

BDNF – or Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor — is considered a neuro protein responsible for aiding in your body’s ability to grow new neurons and repair broken ones, helping you learn faster and remember better. It also plays a role in both warding off depression, diabetes, and heart disease. BDNF also increases resistance to neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.


According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, nearly 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. And research shows that antidepressants work in part by increasing BDNF. A 2013 study published in Food and Nutrition Sciences showed that it’s the coffee fruit antioxidants were the only component that increased BDNF. “This was a huge breakthrough,” Roussell says. “This is food research and technology that has been in the works for around a decade. We see Neuro Coffee as the culmination of all of this.”

There are several ways to increase BDNF levels. You can fast, which can be quite unappealing for most. You can also do put yourself through grueling cardio sessions – research has shown that to increase BDNF in this fashion, an athlete would have to a grueling minute-on, minute-off worth of intense cardio – 90 percent of max heart rate— for 20 minutes, working you to the point you’re barely able to talk. Or you can sip on a Neuro Coffee, which confidently offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with its taste.

“We think it's the most enjoyable way to increase BDNF,” Roussell says.


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