Small space doesn’t have to mean small style. Seeking creative pieces and creative positions is the name of the game.

“Furniture should be versatile and flexible and (have the ability) to create different looks,” said Jim Tai, retail operations at Nood, which stands for “new objects of desire,” a modern and contemporary furniture store in North Vancouver.

“There are quite a few condos that are fairly compact — 500 square feet means having pieces that are more suitable for those spaces,” said Tai.


He suggests to go modular — pieces such as armchairs, love seats and ottomans can be moved around to change up a space.

Tai says placing a freestanding or wall mirror strategically creates the illusion of a larger room and “enhances the feeling of a space.”

Sofa, bed, chaise, single, double, meet the Swizzle — the most versatile piece of furniture you’ll ever own. Nood, $999,

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