A proposed separated bike lane along Hornby could provide a big boost to the number of people cycling in Vancouver, a city engineer said yesterday.

It would, however, result in lost parking, loading zones and turn restrictions because barriers would be installed along the east side of Hornby.

“If Dunsmuir is any example, (Hornby) could be huge,” said Lon LeClaire, the city’s strategic transportation planning engineer.

LeClaire spoke during an open house yesterday.

“When you think about the market we are trying to tap into, it is gigantic.”

The trial, which could cost $1.6 million to $2 million, aims to increase a cyclist’s sense of safety and encourages more people to get out of their vehicles.

Philip Meyer, general manager of the Wedgewood Hotel on Hornby, was among those at the open house.

He said while the hotel is a fan of cycling (it sponsors the Wedgewood Cycling Team), he has questions about how the lane will impact parking and intersections.