Local woman rides for fun, family and food



When Nancy Bacon learned her son had autism, it may not have changed how she felt about him but it did inspire a very long bike ride.

Her seven-day Western Ride for Autism will

end on Granville Street this afternoon, with two fellow cyclists, a rock-a-billy band and a documentary film crew from Toronto in tow.

“When people see we’re having so much fun, they want to get involved,” the 30-year-old financial consultant told Metro by phone. “And that’s the whole point.”

She began training six days a week in March and raised $30,000 before setting off.

While the experience has been hard on her body, all the support encountered has more than made up for a sore knee, she said. And there is at least one other benefit.

“I can eat whatever I want when I cycle eight to 10 hours a day,” she laughed from a McDonald’s in Merritt.

The rates and the symptoms

  • Autism Society Canada estimates about 1 in 200 people are autistic. Symptoms vary in their nature and intensity but generally involve impaired communication and interaction skills.

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