The Dexter government will attempt to meet opponents of Bill 100 halfway, accepting most of the business lobby’s changes to the controversial labour bill.

Premier Darrell Dexter indicated Thursday his government will introduce essentially three of four amendments to Bill 100 suggested by a coalition of 19 business advocacy groups on Wednesday.

The move is the first sign of compromise after opposition parties and business groups teamed up to pressure the government to change the bill. The opposition has stalled the bill’s progress since Monday.

The suggested amendments basically limit the extension of successor rights to the privatization of government services, clarify the role of the labour management review committee with regards to union cert­ification, and ensure public consultation on labour matters that extend beyond unionized workplaces.

Dexter said the amendments simply make explicit what he maintains was the government’s intention.

“We’re certainly willing to put forward amendments which would further reflect what we have already said the bill means,” he said.

Luc Erjavec, the Atlantic vice-president of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, said he wouldn’t characterize this as a victory.

“Is this piece of legislation better than it was two weeks ago? Yes, it is. But it’s not a great bill, we don’t support the rationale for this bill, but it is better than it was two weeks ago,” Eriavec said.

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