The idea of having fixed election dates in Alberta has once again reared its head in the Legislature after a private members bill passed first reading yesterday.

The bill, introduced by Ken Allred, Conservative MLA for St. Albert, would see elections held on the second Monday of every fourth October, beginning Oct. 15, 2012.

Allred says the new bill also calls for changes to municipal elections, making voters head to the polls every four years rather than every three.


The move will make Alberta provincial and municipal voters head to the polls every two years “rather than having elections all at once,” said Allred who expects the initiative, like most private bills, will not pass.

“It’s time to debate this as it has already been adopted in a number of other provinces,” said Allred.
Alberta Liberal Leader Kevin Taft and then-Tory-leadership hopeful Ted Morton both introduced private bills in 2006 calling for fixed election dates.

“I think Alberta needs to catch up to the rest of the country on this one,” Taft said.

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