Bill Nye reads mean tweets to help promote Kickstarter campaign.


Everyone's favorite science guy took to YouTube to read mean tweets written about him. Bill Nye, 59, faced his online critics to help promote a Kickstarter campaign raising money to to create a documentary about the poplar children's television show host.

Documentary filmmakers David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg have raised $426,330 so far with 11 days to go on their Kickstarter campaign. The two spent their middle school years learning from Nye's VHS tapes.

"Bill’s passion and enthusiasm stayed with us, and when we got older, we started making films about science and technology," the Kickstarter page said

An overwhelming number commented on climate change and global warming, calling it "fake" and a "conspiracy." Others call Nye "trippy" and "misogynistic."


User @deziree246 wrote, "I hate watching these bill nye videos I rather watch paint dry"

@cryengine1007 tweeted, "You pretend the global warming fairy is real even as you live in a mansion. Maybe do cartwheels for voodoo."

Some users kept it simple like @CMiriam54 with, "I hate Bill Nye, that guy is so annoying¡"

And some were a bit more vulgar like @BadponyMedicine with, "I F**ING HATE BILL NYE THAT A**HOLE GUY! F** THAT MISOGYNISTIC T**!"

Nye is best known for his '90s TV Show "Bill Nye The Science Guy".

Check out the video below.

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