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Job hunting can be stressful and the job interview can be nerve-racking. But finding something to wear when meeting a prospective employer can be nightmarish. Don’t make last-minute decisions before leaving for the interview; plan ahead and follow these simple rules.


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Black and White

You don’t want to distract yourself and the head of human resources with elaborate patterns and loud colours. Make your personality shine by minimizing your colour palette and opting for black and white. These colours will make you feel courageous and confident, so search your wardrobe for anything black or white —shirts, pants, coats, and shoes.

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Keep it simple

Try to keep your outfit simple. Just because you don’t have a colour palette to work with, it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style. Try different cuts, materials and textures to show variety.

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Stay Current

Keep your outfit current with the trends; you don’t always have to wear that old stuffy suit; jeans have come a long way and are now accepted in the office. Although it’s not traditional to wear denim to a corporate interview it is acceptable to wear jeans when interviewing for a creative position, such as graphic designer. They come in a variety of cuts that are current, such as the trouser-cut jean — it looks like a regular trouser pant, but in a jean. When buying denim for the interview steer clear from fades and rips and look into getting a fitted jean that is dark blue or black.

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Stay Fresh

An outfit isn’t complete without a scent.

Before the interview, your nerves may get to you and you may get a little sweaty. Stay fresh all day with a mist of Warm Cotton from Clean perfumes. Clean specializes in reproducing scents of shower and laundry soaps and converts them into perfumes; get the same effect of a load of fresh laundry or a fresh shower with a spritz of Warm Cotton.

You’ve learned everything about the company that you’re interviewing for. Now, plan how you’re going to present yourself at the interview and good luck!

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