Spryfield resident Henry Eisenhauer said he’s never seen anything quite like the massive fire he saw from his window Thursday afternoon.

“It’s all-out chaos,” he said over the phone from his Greystone Drive home, which is just off of Herring Cove Road. “There are people all over the sides of the roads.”

He said police officers and firefighters were also all over the place, trying to control both people and the blaze itself.


“I have seen high flames, reaching at least 100 feet,” Eisenhauer said, adding dark billowing smoke seemed to reach up into the sky for thousands of feet.

Fortunately, he said his home wasn’t at risk by early Thursday evening.

A man who was evacuated told media on the scene that he had to leave his dog and bird behind because he had to flee his home so quickly. He said emergency crews should have warned residents sooner.

“I could have done something about my house - I could have gotten the animals out,” he said. CBC News later reported that he was able to return to his house, which hadn’t been touched by the fire. Some of his neighbours weren’t so lucky.

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