Officials are disappointed after a three-day commercial vehicle Check Stop blitz shows there are still unsafe commercial vehicles taking to the roads.

Sgt. Wayne McCormick of the Calgary Police Service truck unit said the joint services numbers show some commercial vehicle companies are not getting the message.

“We’re not sure why they are still out there, but my speculation is time is money and companies aren’t taking the time to ensure the vehicles are safe,” McCormick said.

“But we just want the drivers to be sober, safe and alert, and we want the vehicles to be mechanically sound and safe to be on the roads.”

McCormick said companies may not realize the consequences of unsafe vehicles, but he wanted to remind people a young female driver was killed earlier this year when brake drum debris flew from a Calgary road into her front window.

“Those are the reasons we need to be diligent and ensure everyone is safe, and that’s why we are out here,” McCormick said.

Officers join with other police agencies in commercial vehicle blitzes several times throughout the province.