It’s a bit baffling to jump into the Atlantic Ocean in January, but throw in a blizzard, and more than a few people will think you’re crazy.

And then there’s Maria Mulder — she jumped in twice.

The blizzard didn’t stop 23 jumpers from taking a polar dip in Herring Cove on New Year’s Day. The blowing snow postponed a similar event in Lawrencetown, but polar dip organizers in Herring Cove — with the fire department’s OK — gave their jumpers the green light yesterday.


Mulder couldn’t get the day off work last year and had to miss the polar dip, so she went twice this year to make up for it.

“I’d have to say it was the coldest jump I’ve had,” she said.

Then she went again. The woman from Bear Cove said she was even more psyched to go in the second time then the first.

For many jumpers, the polar dip is a way to start the new year revitalized and refreshed.

“I had the worst year of my life in 2008, and I’m so happy to say I’m starting 2009 off the right way,” Mulder said. “It probably wasn’t good last year because I didn’t jump.”

The toughest part of the jump is climbing out of the water and up the wharf’s ladder. Mulder said it wasn’t too bad this year because a higher tide meant fewer icy rungs to climb.

Plus the snow and cold set the mood, said Brian Blanchard of Herring Cove.

“Personally, I prefer jumping when there’s a bit of snow going on because it makes it feel more like a polar bear jump. Last year it was warm and the sun was beating down and it was like jumping in April,” he said.

“It’s a way to start the new year, and we’re all from Atlantic Canada: We don’t mind a bit of weather.”

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