This is National Blood Donor Week and officials from Canadian Blood Services are calling on people to give blood during the crucial summer months.

The CBS said yesterday inventory of blood, plasma and platelets tends to diminish around this time because people are more focused on time off and vacationing, however the need for blood donations remains just as high.

High schools and universities that usually have blood donation stations throughout the school year are also either closed for the summer or do not have enough students to participate.


Regional Communications Specialist Jillian Brown said last year was a hard one for hospitals that needed blood, and that demand goes up approximately two per cent every year.

“One donation an hour can save three lives,” she told Metro Halifax. “We need all blood types.”

Brown said she encourages people to give blood this week because they would be eligible to give blood again over the Labour Day holiday, which is one of the hardest periods for blood stores.

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