Students roll up their sleeves each year for summer jobs. But this year a group of Ottawa students have rolled up their sleeves to save lives.


Five volunteer students in Ottawa have recruited 119 donors to give blood so far this summer, in an event the local Canadian Blood Services has named Bloodstock.


“We try and entice students, on a volunteer basis, to assist us with recruitment efforts over the summer,” said Natalie St-Pierre, of Canadian Blood Services. “We ask … that they recruit a minimum of 25 donors … and in doing this they can qualify for an educational bursary.”


Each donor a student brings in has the potential to save three lives, said St-Pierre, meaning the students have so far helped 357 people.


“Once we get (the blood) back to the lab, we break it down into three different components,” she said, noting blood’s platelets, plasma and red cells help different needs.

The bursaries in the amount of $1,000, supplied by CIBC and Nepean Kiwanis Club, are nice, but Bloodstock students say the larger payoff comes in helping people.

“In the summer there are more accidents that happen and there is a greater need for blood, but people have to realize (blood) is needed all year round,” said Meagan Donnelly, a Bloodstock volunteer.

“The bursary is a big incentive because school is expensive and that would help out,” the fourth-year University of Ottawa student said. “(But) it can also raise awareness of Canadian Blood Services and the need for blood.”

no blood on vacation

  • Natalie St-Pierre of Canadian Blood Services said that because a lot of people go away on vacation, there is a lack of donors during the summer months.