Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon may be blue, but isn’t dangerous, Vancouver’s park board said yesterday after the completion of a preliminary water analysis.

Park board chair Raj Hundal said the vibrant turquoise water is a bloom of blue-green algae caused by the hot summer weather and defecation from wildlife.

“It’s not a matter of urgent concern,” said Hundal. “It’s fair to say that it is not causing any danger to the wildlife or humans in the neighbourhood.”

The bloom was localized to about 30 metres on either side of a concrete pedestrian bridge on the West side of the lagoon.

Yesterday, with cooler temperatures and rain, the water was bright green, not turquoise. Four ducks and a pair of swans were in the water beneath the bridge. “It is not as blue as it was before,” Hundal said.

“The oxygen and fresh water are helping out.”

Hundal cautioned that the water analysis is only preliminary and the full results are expected by the end of the week.

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