The spending mess at Toronto’s Catholic school board has tarnished Catholic education in this province and could threaten its future, says a former chair.

Paul Fernandes, who headed the old Metro Separate board from 1994-96 during his six years in office, says he is so upset with the scandal that he’s written to Archbishop Thomas Collins of the Archdiocese of Toronto asking him to pressure the current group of trustees to resign.

“The media coverage of the recent report on the spending practices of the Toronto Catholic District School Board trustees has tarnished the reputation of Catholic school boards in Ontario,” he wrote.


“... I feel certain that you are most concerned with the harm this could cause to Catholic education. The challenge to the funding of Catholic education could be further exasperated by the irresponsibility of a few selfish individuals ... this could cause long-term damage to Catholic education.”

Fernandes has also written to Education Minister Kathleen Wynne, demanding the province step in and take over the board.

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