An anchored sailboat off Jericho beach is causing an uproar over Nazi symbols that appear to be taped to its side.

Dave Thomas, owner of MacSailing, said the boat and about four others have been there for two years.

They were asked to sail away after Vancouver Park Board commissioner Ian Robertson claimed they were discharging raw sewage too close to the shore.

Apparently, the owner of the Tiny Dancer responded by using tape to create the offensive symbols.
Vancouver Police Const. Lindsey Houghton said police know the boat’s owner and will be asking that the symbols be removed.

“We understand it may be upsetting to some people but displaying the symbol doesn’t constitute a hate crime,” said Houghton.

Robertson said he would like to see that boat, and the other four, gone from the popular swimming beach.

“I feel disgusted that someone would put something like that on their boat and I wonder what other kinds of things they would do,” Robertson said. “I have no desire to talk to the owner but I hope that the authorities will talk to him.”

He said he’s not sure what resources are available to the park board to force the owner to move the boat, which appears to be mastless and not have a working engine.

The symbols also caught the attention of Romy Ritter, regional director of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

“It’s quite upsetting knowing what it represents. I question the motivation of the person,” said Ritter.

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