Bob Ebeling, the engineer who for three decades wrestled with guilt over what he could have done to prevent the Challenger disaster, has died, according to NPR. He was 89 years old.


Ebeling was one the engineers employed by a NASA contractor who tried to stop the launch of the Challenger on the frigid January morning in 1986. Despite the data Ebeling and his team provided, officials went forward with the launch.


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Ebeling was profiled by NPR on the 30th anniversary of the disaster and explained that he had been wracked with guilt, wishing he had done more to try and save the lives of the men and women aboard the ill-fated shuttle.


Following the release of his interview there was an “outpouring of support” from listeners assuring Ebeling that he had done everything he could have, the Huffington Post reported.

“It was as if he got permission from the world,” Ebeling’s daughter, Leslie Ebeling Serna, told NPR “He was able to let that part of his life go.”

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