Police discover woman with neck sliced open


vince talotta/torstar news service


Paramedics leave an apartment building on The West Mall after a woman’s body was found yesterday.


« It was a pretty horrific scene. »

Police were confronted by a bloodbath in a west end apartment where officers found the body of a woman whose neck was sliced open.

The first officers on the scene reported the victim had been "decapitated," but after more closely examining the body, it was discovered her head had not been chopped off. "It was a pretty horrific scene," said Det. Steve Molyneaux.

Molyneaux said police were still trying to identify the dead woman, who was found in a pool of blood in a penthouse apartment on The West Mall shortly before 2 p.m.

Police went to the scene after receiving a call from "a distraught man," said Insp. Bruce Johnston.

"They found a deceased female with obvious signs of trauma," Johnston said.

A man surrendered to police outside the apartment and was led from the 15-storey building, near Rathburn Road and Highway 427, in handcuffs.

Helen Gordon, a resident of the building for 28 years, said she instantly recognized him as a resident of unit PH4.

"They’ve always had problems with those people," Gordon said of the family in the penthouse apartment.

Relatives of the dead woman arrived at 22 Division, on Bloor Street West, near Kipling Avenue, at the dinner hour to be interviewed by detectives.

A man who said he was one of six grown children who lived with their parents in the top-floor apartment said he believed his mother and father were the only ones at home when the incident took place.

He was quickly whisked away by officers.

An autopsy was planned for later today.