TRENTON, Ont. - A repatriation ceremony for the 117th Canadian soldier to be killed during the mission to Afghanistan is scheduled for Thursday.

An official at CFB Trenton in eastern Ontario says the body of Trooper Karine Blais is tentatively scheduled to arrive at 2 p.m. ET.

Blais died and four soldiers were injured when an armoured vehicle struck an improvised explosive device north of Kandahar City on Monday.

Blais, just two weeks into her first tour of duty, is the second Canadian female soldier to die in the Afghan mission since 2002.

Canada's storied Van Doos bade her a solemn farewell in a ramp ceremony at Kandahar airfield Tuesday.

About 1,000 soldiers from various NATO countries gathered on the tarmac as her casket was carried aboard a military transport.

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