Gordon J. Smith Photo


Renaldo “Razor” Gairy.

When Renaldo “Razor” Gairy decided to get serious about bodybuilding, he had to make a few tweaks to his workout priorities. “I used to train for the ladies — big arms and nice chest,” laughs the 27-year-old fitness trainer. “But after that, it came down to having that total physique. Things most people don’t look at.”

Actually, much of what it takes to being a successful bodybuilder goes unnoticed by most people. “People don’t realize how much research there is,” says Gairy. “You have to be a fairly intelligent person to do this.”

Gairy himself certainly has the brains, with a bachelor of science under his belt, but being the natural athlete he is, slogging away at a nine-to-five job was never for him. In 2005, he got into competitive bodybuilding and proved himself a natural, winning a slew of major competitions in his first year.

His next competition will be at the upcoming 2007 FAME expo. He’s still not quite ready, however, but that’s all part of the plan. “There’s very strategic training for a competition,” he says good-naturedly.

Those last two weeks prior to competition are crucial, says Gairy, and he follows an extremely controlled regimen. He does cardio, trains at a lower intensity to avoid injury and fine-tunes his posing, which is a rigorous workout in itself.

“Win or lose, you feel like you’ve just accomplished something, like climbing a mountain,” Gairy says. “You’re here for that moment and you enjoy it.”