AccuWeather is now offering a 90-day forecast. screenshot

AccuWeather, the global leader in weather information and digital media, just launched what they describe as “their best-kept strategic secret” — the 90-day forecast.


It's a day by day weather forecast meant to help you plan months ahead, including the exact high and low temperatures. That means you can potentially know whether your wedding day will be rained out, or possibly snowed on. You can have an idea of what kind of weather to expect on your birthday, beach day, vacation week, concert or outdoor sporting event.


Oh boy, now we’ve reached the age where we don't ever need to plan ahead weatherwise, as we can simply pick a date and know what to expect.


The local television forecasters will need some extra time now. Forget about that seven-day forecast. Now we need to put up the 90- or 180-day forecast (yes, they have an 180-day forecast as well).


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TV weather heads will be jumping for joy as now they will need at least another 15 minutes added to their airtime to go through the complete and exclusive 90-to-180-day forecast.

I guess you can tell I'm having a little fun.

Listen, AccuWeather is a global giant serving over 1.5 billion people, and it’s been around for 54 years. It is certainly the most successful and dominant weather company on the planet, so they must be doing something right.

Other weather companies have been doing not only the 180-day outlook, but the 365-day forecast for years. See "Weather Planner and Planalytics," although Planalytics is strictly for business weather intelligence and are the very best at it.

AccuWeather is brilliant at marketing, and even if the forecast turns out to be trash, it's really about the cash, and cash flow in any business model is king.

The 90-day forecast is really a climatological, computer-generated weather data, integrated globally and collected over the years, showing what normally should happen on any given day in any part of the country.

It's not a forecast, it’s the climatological norm. But AccuWeather can't headline with that, it's not sexy and would never sell — and we all know sexy forecasts sell.


Today: Plenty of sun, nice, 75

Tuesday: Boomers, warm, 80

Wednesday: Back to sunny, cooler, 66

Thursday: Afternoon boomers, 63

Friday: Showers, then afternoon drying, cool, 60

Weekend: Unsettled

Saturday: 68

Sunday: 66


Increased forest fire potential

Today: Plenty of sun, 68

Tuesday: Showers, 75

Wednesday: Return to sun, cooler, 65

Thursday: Showers, very cool, 53

Friday: Sun returns by afternoon, 60

Saturday: Increasing clouds, 65

Sunday: Showers, 65


Today: Clouds dominate, 58

Tuesday: Chilly rain, 45

Wednesday: Return to sun, 57

Thursday: Clouds and sun, 55

Friday: Changeable skies, 56

Saturday: Some sun, 60

Sunday: Showers, 55