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Bolaris' Weather Watch: Coastal storm approaches

Look for the supermoon tonight.
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The big story in the sky today is the supermoon, as the moon won't come this close to the earth again until Nov. 25, 2034.

It will be a spectacular display in places that enjoy clear skies.

As we go into an extra supermoon phase, a storm will be developing along the Carolina coast. Latest computer models show the storm system grazing the New Jersey coast and having much more of an impact on southern New England.

Computer models show most of the significant rain from this coastal storm front falling east of Philadelphia, across southeastern New Jersey and across eastern Long Island.


Significant rainfall is expected in the Boston metro area and the capes, with most of the rain falling during the daylight hours on Tuesday.

The combination of the coastal low and the supermoon will produce minor tidal flooding along all coastal sections from New Jersey to New England. Luckily, we’re not looking at a major coastal low, so any tidal impacts should remain on the minor side.

The storm system will depart on Tuesday night with dry, blustery weather and seasonable temperatures for the second half of the week.

I do see early indications of a possible New England coastal storms this weekend. At the same time, a modified Polar air mass will begin to funnel in from the Northwest, which could potentially leave significant amounts of wet snow in the Berkshire and Catskill mountains. The time frame for this potential wet snowfall would be Sunday night or early Monday.

New York

Today: Mostly sunny, 61.

Tuesday: Shower possible, 54.

Wednesday: Sunny, windy, 59.

Thursday: Sunny, 59.

Friday: Sunny, 62.

Saturday: Sunny, 62.

Sunday: Showers, 52.


Today: Partly cloudy, 60.

Tuesday: Morning showers possible, 53.

Wednesday: Sunny, windy, 58.

Thursday: Sunny, 59.

Friday: Sunny, 62.

Saturday: Sunny, 60.

Sunday: Showers, 49.


Today: Mostly sunny, 63.

Tuesday: Rain likely, 53.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy, 57.

Thursday: Sunny, 55.

Friday: Sunny, 55.

Saturday: Sunny, 58.

Sunday: Rain possible, 48.

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