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Bolaris' Weather Watch: Hermine played Wiffle storm

Remember when you were a kid playing a game in your backyard called Wiffle ball?

Remember when you were a kid playing a game in your backyard called Wiffle ball?

A hollow plastic ball with holes in it would flutter around in every which direction and, attimes, you would swingthree times — all misses — before the ball even moved across the plate to a “Strike three!” count.

Well, Hermine played Wiffle storm with all of us: meteorologists, computer models, governors.

And as we all struck out — “Busted!” — you, the people (especially along the Jersey Shore) must want to kill the umpire “meteorologists” and I can’t blame you.


The finale weekend of summer, businesses took a big blow and not from Hermine but in the cash register as families, who planned all summer for this weekend, changed their plans because the umpires yelled “You’re out!”

It was a very challenging forecast and all the computer models for 72 hours consecutively put coastal residents all along the Jersey Shore in line for a life threatening coastal battering.

And it was the Labor Day weekend, meaning the beaches were going to be packed with families and their children. The way all the computer models were targeting the coast, we really had no choice but to issue the alarm bells, because if we didn’t it would have been simply irresponsible of us.

We really did dodge a meteorological bullet, because if this storm would have reached its full potential, trust me the damage and cleanup would have been far more costly than the losses businesses took this weekend and most likely fatalities would have taken place.

As for Hermine’s future, the storm will continue to meander south of Long Island, causing moderate tidal flooding, dangerous surf and severe riptides, all the way up to the capes of southern New England. It’s extremely dangerous to venture into the waters through Wednesday, especially with lifeguards no longer on duty. Even you surfers should heed the warnings. The most intense rain bands will remain offshore although rain will spill westward across eastern Long Island and the capes.

As I write this, I’m in Montauk, Long Island, watching the surf pound, beaches get chewed up and yellow tape posted everywhere along with “Beach Closed” signs.

And that’s that the end of summer, always a bit sad but especially on a day like today.

New York City:

Tuesday: Sun and clouds, windy, High 86

Wednesday: Heating up to a high of 91

Thursday: Hot and humid, High 95

Friday: Sunny and hot, High 92

Saturday: Sunny and hot, High 91

Sunday: Sunshine and cooler, High 84


Tuesday: Sun and clouds, High 88

Wednesday: Heating up to 91

Thursday: Hot and humid, High 93

Friday: Hot, High 93

Saturday: Hot, late storms, High 91

Sunday: Sunshine and cooler, High 85


Tuesday: Windy, showers, especially south, High 74

Wednesday: Coastal showers, High 74

Thursday: Sunshine, High 84

Friday: Sunshine, High 87

Saturday: Sunshine, High 81

Sunday: Sunshine, High 79

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