Teens allegedly made deadly explosives

Two teenagers have been arrested in Langley for allegedly planting homemade explosives containing the same chemicals used in the 2005 London bombings that killed 52 people, RCMP said yesterday.

The arrests were made on Tuesday after police received a tip that a 15-year-old male was on his way to Liquidation World to remove a homemade device that he left at the store on Monday.


According to Cpl. Peter Thiessen, the teen panicked and hid the bomb at Liquidation World the previous day after two other teens who helped him create the volatile mixture were badly injured in separate incidents. One 18-year-old, who followed an Internet recipe to create the explosives, will likely lose some fingers after the mixture blew up.

On Tuesday, police arrived at Liquidation World to find the teens and a bomb the size of a pen.

The suspects told police that a second larger bomb, roughly the size of a cigar box, was hidden at a nearby seniors’ complex.

The devices were detonated by the RCMP Explosives Disposal Unit.

Thiessen told reporters that although it’s not yet known why the teenagers built the devices, there is no reason to assume they planned to hurt anyone.

"The suspect is known to the detachment for various files including mischief and alcohol offences," Thiessen said in a release.

No charges have been laid so far as the police investigation continues.

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