Quebec’s railway manufacturing industry and thousands of jobs are threatened if Bombardier is unable to secure a multibillion-dollar contract to modernize Montreal Metro’s fleet of subway cars, the manufacturer said yesterday.

Bombardier Transportation president Andre Nav­arri said at a news conference after Bombardier’s annual meeting that 12,000 jobs, including more than 1,500 direct employees at Bombardier and French train maker Alstom, are relying on the contract.

He denied that Bombardier was issuing a threat: Just clearly stating the implications of a misstep by decision-makers.

The Montreal-based aircraft and rail manufacturer said it earned $153 million US in the first quarter.

Bombardier’s Quebec facilities have relied on exports to the U.S. and with the U.S. economy weakened, it needs the Quebec contract to keep the operations running fully.

The Societe de transport de Montreal seemed on track to award the contract to the Bombardier and Alstom joint venture, but decided to launch an international tender call after increasing the size of the order from the original 340 cars.