Bono ditched his shades for some heavy eyeliner as U2 rehearsed on the eve of their performance at the 51st Grammy Awards.

The Irish band will open Sunday's show with a performance of its new single "Get On Your Boots." But after trying the song five times in rehearsal, Bono still wasn't happy with the sound. "Houston, we've got a problem," he said afterwards.

Wearing a black suit with a sparkling lapel and a T-shirt underneath, and with dark eye makeup in place of his trademark sunglasses, Bono began the song positioned behind the band on an elevated platform.

Behind the group, a video screen flashed alternately on lyrics and, during the chorus, a psychedelic swirl of colours.

U2 isn't nominated for any Grammy awards this year, but will release "No Line on the Horizon" on March 3.