We’ve all been there — sitting at a restaurant across from a creep, a cougar or a narcissist who still lives with his parents. The lucky ones get all three.


In Dealbreaker: The Definitive List of Dating Offenses, authors Dave Horwitz and Marisa Pinson analyze these bad dates to create a hilarious list of “dealbreakers," featuring insight from both of genders in their 20s.


“It’s a pretty authentic glimpse into an entirely new generation of dating.


“Our book really accurately represents people in their 20s in the dating world,” Horwitz explains.


Horwitz and Pinson met while performing sketch comedy in Los Angeles. After both suffering through terrible romantic situations, they decided to share the tragedy of their dating lives on a blog.

“I think of the blog as non-stop jokes. But when we had the opportunity to write a book, we figured this has to be a little more than just jokes,” says Horwitz on the difference between the two.

The book also follows the life cycle of a relationship from the first date all the way through to to the breakup.

“The more you know nobody’s perfect, the more you can have a successful relationship — or even date.”

So what’s Horwitz’s final piece of advice for those who are also in the trenches?

“Give someone a chance. If you can find a way get past the dealbreaker, then you can find something special.”

Avoid at all costs

Dave Horwitz shares his Top. 3 dealbreakers
You’re a bad kisser: “It’s my No. 1.”

You sit on the same side of the booth - “Marisa assures me it’s proably the worst thing you can do.”

You don’t like Prince - “It may seem minor, but it’s really important. If you don’t like Prince, you can’t hang out with me.

You can’t hang - “It’s basically saying, 'If you can’t relate to my friends, I can’t see us together.'”