Balls! Round The World Fare For All Occasions covers meatballs, spherical foods such as truffles and even ‘High-Balls’ drinks.


Ever heard of Koenigsberger Klops? Or, for that matter, have you ever tasted Boles de Picolat?

They are meatballs.

And now they are getting long-overdue credit in a happy and funny cookbook entitled Balls! Round The World Fare For All Occasions by Angela Murrills (Whitecap).

For the record, Koenigsberger Klops are German meatballs in a lemon sauce that originated in what used to be the Prussian town of Koenigsberg, which is actually now in Russia.

Boles de Picolat comes from the French Pyrenees. The idea is to take your favourite sausages, squeeze them out of their casings and make — yes, meatballs — served with egg noodles.

Murrills, an award-winning Vancouver food writer, says around the world recipes for meatballs abound. But she decided to take the concept one step further, considering other spherical foods such as chocolate truffles or alcoholic beverages with the name Mountain High-Balls.

She was on a roll.

The ballsy book offers helpful tips on meatball basics, such as what meat to use, how to reduce fat, seasoning and the importance of treating them gently.

“These are not three-star-restaurant dishes,” she writes. “This is easy delicious food to make with love for yourself and the people you care about.”

“It’s food that goes with conversation, discussion and laughter as you all sit down at a table.”


  • You’ll find recipes for cocktail parties, tapas-style dinners and everyday meals.

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