Students at a pair of area high schools have been given the unique chance to work out their way out of trouble.

Const. Jason Lefebvre, the EPS school resource officer at McNally High School, developed this program almost six years ago and hopes it will soon be available to local youth.

“The whole point being, if you address the small problems before they get bigger, it helps influence the youth’s behaviour,” says Lefebvre.

The Police Assisted Youth Oriented Formative Fitness boot camp gives youth an alternative to charges or paying fines for offences like drug-use or possession, shoplifting or fighting. Lefebvre started the program at Stratchona High School, which continues to run boot camps.

The goal of the program is to provide a positive influence on each youth and guide them into making better life choices. For some, Lefebvre’s program has made a lasting impression.

“I was into partying and getting into trouble,” says Colton Guy, 20, a former participant.

Guy made the decision to take part in the boot camp and found he got more than just a workout. “I don’t think I would have steered my life in the same direction without Const. Lefebvre,” says Guy.