Calgarians are finding it easier to keep their fitness new year’s resolution this year.

According to Allan Fine, a personal trainer with Fitness Boot Camps Canada, that’s because more people than ever are signing up for a boot camp class rather than sweating it out on their own at the gym.

“In your typical gym environment, women and men can often feel intimidated or unwelcome in the weight training area, full of burly, groaning and sweating men or young ladies in tight, revealing exercise gear,” Fine said.

“Gyms can be lonely, confusing and scary places. More often than not, people spend day after day on the treadmill thinking cardio is the best way to lose fat, but they have no idea what they are doing.”

Fine started Fitness Boot Camps Canada about three years ago after seeing a shift from aerobics-style classes to boot camps, which involve more weight and strength training.

“If you’re always doing cardio, you’re burning calories, but your body is never going to change,” said Kristine Tawliuk, Spa Lady district manager.

“We still have aerobics classes, but we’re definitely moving more toward muscle training and resistance.”

Tawliuk said the benefits of boot camp classes include gaining more lean muscle and a loss in inches.

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