Kate Moss attends a VIP screening of 'Pitch Perfect 2' at The Mayfair Hotel on April Mike Marsland/WireImage

Supermodel Kate Moss wasescorted by police from a flight into the UK's Luton airport after her "disruptive behavior" on a flight from Turkey, where she'd been celebrating a friend's 50th birthday.


Moss got into a row with airline staff after they refused to serve her alcohol, after which she drankvodka from a bottle that she'd brought on board, argued with another passenger, thencalledthe pilot a "basic b--" as she was led away, according to reports in the British press. No formal complaints were made and the 41-year-old wasn't actuallyarrested.


The most shocking thing about the episode?Not that she came close to being arrested, but that she was flying withbudget airline, EasyJet.