The American border tightens today — sort of.

Despite new documentation requirements coming into effect today, Canadians will still be allowed across the U.S. border without a passport or enhanced driver’s licence during this summer travel season.

They will just be scolded a little.

“We’re going to be flexible, we’re going to go on a case-by-case basis,” said Joanne Ferreira, spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“Travellers that do not have the documents, they might face delays as our (border) officers will have to confirm their identity and citizenship,” she said. “But we’re encouraging travellers to continue with their travel plans and to apply for their documents — if they don’t have them, to apply now.”

Ferreira said officials will record each time someone crosses without the proper travel documents, which means travellers might face increasing delays if they continue to set out without the proper identification.

And they will probably be reprimanded with something like, “by now you should know.”

As of June 1, all Canadians and Americans seeking to enter the U.S. are supposed to have a passport, an enhanced driver’s licence or a trusted traveller card, instead of the birth certificate and government-issued photo identification that had been accepted up to today. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada cards and U.S. passport cards can also be used.

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