It will be nice for Chris Bosh to get back to Dallas for a couple days during the Christmas break, a chance to relax with his family, exchange gifts and eat and hang out.

But that will be nothing compared to the real celebration that will come back in Toronto in the couple weeks following Friday.

That’s when Trinity, his 13-month-old wisp of a daughter, arrives and the excitement really begins.

There is nothing quite like Christmas with a tiny one, all gifts and wrapping paper and making memories and it’s something the 25-year-old dad is pretty pumped about.

“I’ve got a house full of toys for her,” Bosh said yesterday. “It’s going to be fun.”

It will be the first “real” Christmas for father and daughter. Trinity would have been barely a month old a year ago, unable to really comprehend what was going on around her.

“This is the first one she’s going to be spoiled at,” said Bosh.

“She can rip open stuff now.”

Before getting a few days with his daughter, Bosh will take advantage of a break in the schedule to get home to Dallas. The Raptors play tonight in Detroit but don’t play again until Sunday afternoon.

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