Chris Bosh is being cast in U.S. court documents as a deadbeat father who broke up with his girlfriend when she was seven months pregnant, leaving her destitute and without medical care even as she fell ill.

The court documents, filed in Maryland on behalf of Bosh’s former live-in girlfriend Allison Mathis, who is seeking child support and sole custody, allege that in early 2008 Mathis and Bosh planned to get married.

According to the filings, they made a consensual decision to have a child together and Bosh, who is earning a salary of $14.4 million US this season, paid for a fertility drug to hasten the process.

And not long after Mathis conceived — at last year’s NBA all-star weekend in New Orleans, according to a sworn affidavit signed by Mathis — the couple moved into a jointly owned $1.6-million US home in Texas.

But upon Bosh’s return from the Beijing Olympics in August of last year, the player signalled his intention to, according to the complaint, “move on” from the relationship.

With Mathis seven months pregnant it is alleged Bosh stopped supporting her financially and attempted to have her removed from their home.

Without money to pay for her obstetrician appointments, Mathis, according to the documents, suffered “breakthrough bleeding and a constantly upset stomach” while utility companies threatened to disconnect her electricity, gas and water.

According to the filings, Mathis returned to the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., to live with her mother, was admitted to hospital due to complications in the pregnancy, and delivered the baby by emergency C-section Nov. 2, 2008.

Four-month-old Trinity Meyers Mathis, according to the court documents, has laid eyes on her father twice, both times in a hotel when the Raptors were in town to face the Wizards.

Bosh, who turns 25 today, did not return a request for comment yesterday. Said Vincent Wills, Bosh’s Maryland-based attorney: “Obviously Chris denies all the allegations in the complaint. We’re going to be filing our response to the filing within the next week or so.”

Mathis, 28, became something of a public figure when LeBron James cited her courtside trash talking as a motivating factor in James’ 39-point outburst in a Cleveland win at the Air Canada Centre.