Elegant and subtle, The Bayview’s model suite succeeds at mixing light and dark.

The 1,400 sq. ft. corner unit model at the Sheppard and Bayview-located development features a classically-inspired look that highlights comfort and elegance.

Stephanie Dimopoulos, director of decor at The Daniels Corporation, wanted the space to look regal and understated with a more traditional look.


“We designed the suite so that it had a quiet elegance about it. It’s a bit more traditional, which I believe is what most of our clients tend to be,” Dimopoulos said.

The overall colour palette features strong, darker brown and beige tones juxtaposed against soft neutral shades — a look made possible by the wealth of light brought into the suite by the many windows throughout. Dimopoulos selected dark espresso hardwood flooring to contrast with the lighter, off-white wall colours. Reflective surfaces in each room help to add sparkle and distribute light to create a warm brightness within each space.

“The suite on its own brings a lot of light into the space so we could afford to go a little darker with colours while still maintaining that light, airy feel. The glass pieces have a lot of reflection — it’s the jewelry that finishes the look,” Dimopoulos said.

The kitchen features rich maple cabinets set against porcelain tile floors and a marble countertop teeming with cream tones and gold highlights. A multitude of fabrics and textures mingle neatly in the main living room. The sofa and chairs are finished in tweed and heavy upholstery linen and accented with velvet and silk cushions with a bullion fringe. The overall effect is meant to elicit a calm, inviting reaction to the space that draws upon the suite’s traditional sense of beauty.

“We really played off the fabric selections and elements we use throughout the unit for a look that’s very soothing — it’s got quite a natural feel to it. This is the softer, elegant side of design,” Dimopoulos said.

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