Doctors found 40 per cent of Botox patients want more.


Botox treatment to rid yourself of wrinkles may be addictive, research has found, BBC News Online reports.

Doctors found 40 per cent of patients using Botox expressed a compulsive desire for further treatments.

The research will be presented at a meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

The study was carried out by Dr. Carter Singh, who has a degree in psychology and is based at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary in England, and the consultant plastic surgeon Martin Kelly, of London Plastic Surgery Associates.

They surveyed clients at 81 clinics, and compared Botox users to people who used other, less invasive beauty treatments.

Singh said regular Botox users seemed to have a greater concern about the aging process, and their inability to control it. He said, “Botox has a good safety profile, but it also has potentially addictive qualities.

“Botox changes the physical appearance of a person’s skin or face, and that ultimately leads to improved body image. This enhances psychological well-being. It is easy to see how people could become addicted.”