Vancouver’s plan to ban bottled water could potentially drain more than $840,000 in lost sales revenues annually, says a report to city council next week.

Council is considering spending up to $50,000 on options to eliminate bottled water in city hall and promote tap water as an environmentally sustainable option.

A report that comes before council April 23 also examines the potential fiscal implications if various city boards adopted a ban on bottled water.

The Pacific National Exhibition, for example, which includes Playland and events at Pacific Coliseum, sells 240,000 bottles annually and could stand to lose $450,000 in sales. The Park Board could see potential revenue losses of $250,000, while civic theatres could lose $109,000.

The numbers, however, do not take into account the anticipated increase in alternate beverage sales that would offset some of the lost revenues. Park board and PNE staff also warned that people might buy less healthy options.

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