A Mississauga company, An Everlasting Rose, can preserve flowers like these through a freeze-dry process.


Looking for a way to preserve those Valentine’s Day flowers you get tomorrow?


Narinder Bhachu and his wife, Jin, may be able to help.

The couple are the owners of An Everlasting Rose, which will preserve anything from wedding bouquets to graduation flowers. They also design custom keepsakes.

Located in Mississauga, the floral preservation company has been in business for nine years. Recently it was re-branded to focus on Toronto’s diverse ethnic communities.

“In Toronto, there's always Indian, Chinese, Greek, Italian marriages… Every single culture or religion has (its) own rituals. We can cater to a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural audience and whatever is important to them,” he said.

An Ever Lasting Rose uses a freeze-dry process to preserve flowers.

“It's a process that extracts moisture through a vacuum system,” he said.

Flowers also go through a chemical process to lock the colour in, he said.

The freeze-dry process assures that flowers keep their natural appearance.

“Once the process is done, it will stay like that forever. It's just like a picture, if you keep it out of direct sunlight, the colour will never fade,” he said.

Narinder says his company's products are very popular, especially the wedding bouquets.

And as far as he knows, the company is one of a kind. “I've been talking to all the magazines like Wedding Bells, Today's Bride… And they've all come back to me and said that this is very unique and they haven't come across anyone that does this in Toronto or any part of the Greater Toronto Area,” he said.

Despite the company's popularity, the Bhachus have no plans to relocate the company to Downtown Toronto in the near future.

“In terms of expansion, it doesn't really matter where we're located,” he said.

For more information visit www.aneverlastingrose.com.