One of the city’s most popular parks is going to get a facelift — the question now is when, according to a city alderman.

Ward 1 Ald. Dale Hodges said the aldermanic committee discussed a $10.2 million redesign yesterday for Bowness Park and the revitalization will go ahead — he just doesn’t know when the funding will flow in.

“It won’t be tomorrow morning, but over the next two, three or four years when the funding comes in, it will happen,” Hodges said.

“We talked about all kinds of things to put in there including the kitchen sink, now it will be a matter of what we can afford and when.”

Council approved the rehabilitation, pending available funding, and Hodges said he will consult with Bowness residents to decide what will be given priority. Bowness Park, built in 1911, hasn’t had a facelift since the 1950s, yet remains popular for many Calgarians, some of whom are sad to hear the mini-golf course and amusement park will be removed.

“It was a fun way to spend the summer with the kids, but I’m sure anything they add will also be fun,” Carla Kitchener said.