Group’s upcoming CD to be produced by Randy Jackson



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The three remaining members of Boyz II Men — Nathan Morris, left, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris — perform in New York City recently. The group’s latest CD is only available online.


“A lot of record companies are putting in a lot of money in big marketing schemes ... We wanted to give people a choice.”

It definitely isn’t the end of the road for Boyz II Men.

The group recently performed a sold-out concert at Casino Rama, reminding many fans just how much those beautiful voices are missed.

The boys, now men, have been busy serenading fans all over the world, and released their latest album, The Remedy, in Asia earlier this year. The singing group’s seventh album is not available in stores and is only being sold on the Boyz II Men official website (

The Remedy consists of music composed by three of the group’s four original members — Nathan Morris Shawn Stockman, and Wanya Morris. Michael McCary, the group’s bass, had to leave the group in 2003 due to chronic back problems.

So, why have we heard so little about this new album? And why is the group not selling this CD at retail stores in North America?

“We are actually ushering what will be the new age of music consumption. People buy everything off the Internet, and we want to embrace that,” says Stockman.

Boyz II Men have also decided not to engage in a huge media campaign to sell their music. “A lot of record companies are putting in a lot of money in big marketing schemes, eventually turning consumers off. We wanted to give people a choice,” Stockman explains

The big news for fans is that the group is currently working on material for a new album that could be available as soon as November. Boyz II Men recently resigned with Universal and are co-producing a collection of Motown hits with American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

“This is going to be major. It’s going to be a fun album that a lot of our fans have requested,” said Nathan Morris.

The Motown hits record will include classics from the ‘60s and ‘70s, such as Edwin Starr’s War and Just My Imagination, made famous by the Temptations.