The very first BRA Day (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day), takes place across the country Wednesday.

Led by reconstructive surgeons and key stakeholder groups, BRA day is intended to educate and promote awareness and access for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction via community-based events and a new online resource —

“When I realized that I was going to have to undergo mastectomy, my attentions were focused on both my health and on my recovery following surgery,” said breast cancer survivor Jodi Brown.

“Reconstructive surgery restored my self-esteem and made me feel complete again.


“I think it is important for every woman diagnosed with breast cancer to know her options early on and know that, after the emotional and physical hurdles, you can get back to being yourself.”

In 2010, nearly 45,000 mastectomies were performed on breast cancer survivors in Canada.

About 92 per cent of those did not pursue breast reconstruction, despite the myriad of options available as an insured medical service in Canada.

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